Chippiparai(INDIAN BREED)


The Chippiparai is a hound native to Southern India particularly the district of Thanjavur.It was first founded in 14th century during the regime of Southern Kings.It has a compact streamlined body built for chasing game. This is a one man dog which does not like to be petted fed or handled by anyone other than its master or handler. It has an independent mind.


Chippiparai has a compact streamlined body. The dog is about 24-30 inches tall and weigh 18-25 kgs. The head is domed, fine and long. The ears are small and may be semi-erect or rose shaped. The eyes are dark, the tail is bony. The chest is deep with a slightly curved back and a tucked-up belly.

  • Chippiparai


    Life Span--: 9-13yrs

    Litter Size--:5-9 puppies


    Male Height--:24-30inches

    Male Weight--:25-35kgs

    Female Height--:21-30inches

    Female Weight--:25-30kgs

    Recognized by--:KCI,CKC etc.

    Color--:Black,Brown,White colors.

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