Rampur Hound


The Rampur Greyhound(Pure Indian Breed), also known as the Rampur Hound, is a rare breed of dogs from India. Rarely seen outside India, they originate from Rampur(Uttar Pradesh) in North India. Kings of different eras were known to use hounds on their hunting trips, as seen from medieval paintings.


Rampur Hounds are smooth coated with substantial powerful head, characteristic roman nose, powerful jaws, scissors bite, more straighter back, hare feet; and most importantly the aggressive and suspicious behavior which makes them such a wonderful hunter and good guard dog . Dogs are mostly black or mouse grey but other colours are found.

NOTE-:Inspite of their Sleek Structure,They are the Best Hunters in the World Recognised by Britishers.

  • Rampur Hound

    Rampur Hound

    Life Span--: 10-15yrs

    Litter Size--:5-8 puppies


    Male Height--:24-30inches

    Male Weight--:20-35Kg

    Female Height--:24-30inches

    Female Weight--:20-30Kg

    Recognized by--:IKC,UKC etc.

    Color--:Black,Fawn,White colors.

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